Before purchasing a house in Saint Charles County, consider an appraisal from Serviced Appraisals

Why should you order an "appraisal" when you're not really dealing with the process of applying for a loan? After all, all you could need is some data on local homes. As appraisers, we understand and can explain the involvement of purchasing a house and we know what you are going through. There's a great deal of information out there. Serviced Appraisals can give you cost-effective sales and listing reports that can assist you!

A professional appraisal report from Serviced Appraisals can put you at ease when making a purchase decision. Don't hesitate to call us for more information.

Here's what you can expect when hiring Serviced Appraisals...

  • Incredibly fast response to your request: We will provide you with personalized information for your particular appraisal needs. Act now! Just call us at (636) 236-9054 or e-mail us at about what you need and we will make suggestions.

  • Serviced Appraisals guarantees punctual turnaround time: Expect your report back in one week or less from when the inquiry is received.
  • Appraisal and consulting reports formats to suit YOUR needs: You can expect that Serviced Appraisals's appraisal and consulting services are not going to be the same for every one of our customers - there is no "one size fits all." You can count on a variety of different appraisals and delivery methods when you order from Serviced Appraisals.
  • Fast reply to additional concerns: You can feel safe in the knowledge that all Serviced Appraisals's services meet or exceed Missouri's guidelines and the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice that govern appraisal standards for the whole nation. We welcome your comments regarding your appraisal. Just give us a call at (636) 236-9054 - we are here to take care of you!